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You have to accept living in the same conditions as the local community in the villages area, sleeping in a very rudimentary comfort style on the floor with mat (floor mat); this applies to one night in Minangkabau community and Mentawai tribe ; and given the conditions of poverty and isolated areas, families that accept us to live and spend time with them, the conditions of comfort and cleanliness are more than basic but far from being guaranteed for Western standards. In this case it's very important and necessary to be able to tolerate this short inconvenience, to be able to enjoy your full stay and experience.

Due to the fact that Sumatran area is covered with rainforest and located right on the equator, it has a tropical climate, the weather is hot and humid all year around. The driest season normally starts from May to September, although there are sporadic rains and may occur during this period. Rains are abundant between November and January. Average temperature is 30 C degree in Siberut island. Be ready for hot, humid and hasty conditions.

Because the Mentawai traditional communities live in remote areas in the forest, access to these communities isn't simple and easy, so the conditions of a trek include quite a lot of muddy terraine, can be slippery and uneven ground ( sometimes you have to walk on the log that Mentawai make and use as a bridge to access further route.

- please bare in mind there is no electricity in Mentawai jungle, charge your camera and phone and bring an extra battery

- nor running water. River is the option.

- please inform us if there's any health issues about food allergies.

Respect the culture of every local community, for example local wisdom, their law order, their way of living, the way they dress (especially Mentawai) upbringing methods, different life perspectives and views of the world and local environment in the community, (for two villages in Minangkabau trip it is recommended to wear trouser below knee length and T-shirt to cover shoulders. Applies to both men and women. During immersion with local community, please do not wear shorts, sleeveless shirt, shirts showing cleavage, and skirts above the knee. Also mind that looser clothes actually helps fight the heat, compared to tight clothes.)

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