Why travel with us

Welcome to an extraordinary journey of cultural immersion and adventure, where the untamed beauty of the Mentawai tribe awaits your exploration. We are your guides to this transformative experience, and we invite you to embark on an unforgettable experience that will forever reshape your perspective on life and travel.

Mentawai Tribe Tour supports tourism in the Siberut Island region, which provides locals with job opportunities. At the same time, we aim to control traveler numbers as well as the behavior who wants to experience living with the Mentawai tribe family to avoid negative impacts on social, cultural, and ecological systems.

With ethical tours operated by Mentawai Tribe Tour your support for the local communities in Siberut, boosting the local economy, and preserving the culture and environment being deeply rooted in their region, our team will help you discover the rainforest and their culture uniquely and innovatively. Along with our sustainable and ethical immersion trip, we are exploring local life experiences which since 2014 we have consistently provided authentic immersive experiences in an ethical way. Connecting the traveler with them, and engaging in their life, our guides will be acting as interpreters and make our guests feel at ease with the Mentawai way of life!

Our team is committed to ensuring that your journey is not only immersive but also ethical. We deeply respect the Mentawai people and their cultural heritage, and we have forged strong partnerships with the tribe to create a travel experience that is respectful, responsible, and sustainable.

With us, you will have the privilege of witnessing and participating in their way of life while leaving a positive impact on the community, living among the Mentawai tribe, as they graciously open their hearts and homes to you. From the moment you arrive, you will be enveloped in their warmth and kindness, welcomed as family.

Unleash your spirit of exploration and embrace the enchantment of the Mentawai tribe the journey of a lifetime awaits.

How does this experience work ?

Ø An Ethical Immersion stay living with the Mentawai Tribe community & family in the remote jungle Siberut.

· This immersion trip to the Mentawai tribe offers more than just an adventure it is a transformative journey that will challenge your perceptions, ignite your spirit of exploration, and leave an indelible mark on your soul. So dont just be mere a tourist who cares about pictures, show your interest in them and their culture.

· Practicing eco friendly behaviors such as conserving resources, reducing waste, and respecting ecosystems. We collaborate closely with local communities, engaging in mutually beneficial partnerships that empower the locals and contribute to their socio economic development.

· Travel in small groups of travelers also possibly a solo trip

Ø An immersive travel experience for travelers who value and appreciate cultural differences, a way of living with local people, where trips are full of adventures in the jungle, remote villages, and off the beaten tracks which is normal travelers wouldnt do.

Ø Living in harmony with the Mentawai tribe, you will discover the ancient wisdom that has sustained their way of life for centuries. You will find yourself fully immersed in their daily routines, gaining a profound appreciation for their ingenuity and resourcefulness.