Eru ( Black shirt ) with the Mentawai shaman

Eru Mamak founder of Mentawai Tribe Tour I have been engaged as a tour guide & operator in Sumatra for decade. I always promote good practice and a hands-on approach for all my guests, making them truly immersed in the local culture and provide cultivating unforgettable travel experiences with excellent historical knowledge of Sumatra and Indonesia in general.

With great organization and good communication skills, to develop a creative travel industry focused on community and Sustainable-ecotourism. 

I believe our unique program and carefully designed for travelers who are passionate about culture, and nature enthusiasts will bring an educational experience during our trip.

I graduated from the University of Padang majoring in history which enables me to see and explain a bigger picture of the locals and Indonesia in general. Through my passion for history, culture, and language, I am dedicated very well to making sure the travelers will immerse themselves deep into the local culture. The idea of our experience is to bring our customers how to connect with people of another culture that will allow them to touch and see the local culture with a better understanding.

Experiencing living in a new culture I strongly believe is a powerful way how to gain a better understanding of your own culture as the most positive life-altering experience.


What did others say about me?

I am highly responsible, reliable, and above all patient with all visitors. I am a knowledgeable and skilled licensed guide as well. I speak English, French, and Spanish fluently, indeed Francophone guide is my specialization. Most of my top customers come from France, Spain, Germany, and many other European countries as well USA.

As a Sumatran local expert with many years of experience, I understand very well it is hard for travelers to find a connection with one place without a better understanding of the local culture because traveler is attitudes are changing time by time, and people want to "travel better" on a deeper emotional and more personal level since mass tourism is no longer sufficient, our cultural immersion program is present as another solution to bring a life-enhancing experience to our customers in modern world is tourism today.

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