6 Days Orangutan Trekking And Lake Toba

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Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to experience the beauty and wonder of Indonesia is rich wildlife and culture. Our one-week adventure takes you to Bukit Lawang, a world-known habitat for the endangered Orangutans, and Toba Lake, home to the fascinating Batak people and their unique traditions. Bukit Lawang, located in the heart of the Gunung Leuser National Park, is a place where you can come face-to-face with the gentle giants of the rainforest. Get up close and personal with these majestic creatures on guided walks through the jungle, where you will see them swinging from tree to tree and playing in their natural habitat. Whether you are an avid wildlife enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or simply seeking a new adventure, this one-week Orangutan Adventure in Bukit Lawang and Toba Lake has it all. With experienced guides, comfortable accommodations, and breathtaking scenery, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Group                                     :           1  UP TO 8 PEOPLE
LEVEL                                     :           2 / 5
COMFORT                             :           3 / 5
DURATION                            :           6 Day
PRICE                                     :           $$$ Please contact us !

Strong point of the experience

  • Encounter Orangutans in their natural habitat
  • Wildlife observing in Sumatra
  • Encounter interesting flora and fauna Sumatra
  • Discover The world is largest volcanic lake and ancient culture of Bataknese

Trip Summary

Day 1 : Arrival to Kualanamu Intl Airport, Medan - transfer to Bukit Lawang

  • A day before the trip starts, the guide will come and pick you up at the airport and travel straight to Bukit Lawang village 4 hours drive to be expected
  • Arrival in Bukit Lawang, check in to our ecolodge
  • Dinner and Overnight in Bukit Lawang

Day 2 Bukit Lawang Orangutan jungle trekking

  • After breakfast at the Guest House, we will start our journey trekking to leuser national park, crossing the deep jungle to explore Orang Utans, Thomas Leaf monkeys, Black Gibbons, Masques, lizards, Siamang, birds (Hornbil)
  • There will be a maximum of 3 hours trekking before lunch. 
  • Lunch will provide in the jungle, ( we will have a brief stop and make hut on the trek ) 
  • After lunch, we will continue trekking for another 1-2 hours. 
  • Before Sunset we will build a hut ( overnight at camp) next to a river while you can take a refreshing bath in the river.
  • Overnight in the jungle 

Day 3 Rainforest Trekking and Hotsprings

  • After breakfast, we will continue trekking to see and observe more animals, flora and fauna
  • Visiting waterfall in the jungle while you can take a refreshing shower
  • Lunch will be provided in the jungle
  • Back to our ecolodge with tubbing  
  • Arrive at our ecolodge
  • Dinner and evening

Day 4 Tansfer from Bukit Lawang - Samosir, Toba lake

  • Transfer from Bukit Lawang to Prapat in the morning
  • On the way visiting Traditional Batak Karo village
  • And visiting Sipiso-piso waterfall
  • Arrival in Prapat, cross to Samosir Island
  • Arrival in Samosir, check in to our accommodation

Day 5 Explore Samosir Island and Batak Culture

  • Visiting Batak Museum
  • Traditional batak village
  • Explore Samosir Island with scooter or Tuk-tuk and view point
  • Relaxing and enjoy breathtaking view of Toba lake

Day 6 Samosir - back to Medan

  • Leaving Samosir in the Morning
  • Transfer to Medan city 5 hours drive to be expected
  • Arrive in Medan check in to your hotel
  • Visiting Maimun Palace and Great Mosque, and Medan city
  • Evening in Medan

Tour end


Practical Information

  • Sumatra area is covered with rainforest and located right on the equator, it has a  tropical climate, the weather is hot and humid all year round.  The driest season normally starts from May to September, although there are sporadic rains and may occur during this period.  Rains are abundant between November and January. The average temperature is 30 C degree in Siberut island. Be ready for hot, humid, and hasty conditions.
  • To respect the culture of every local community, for example, local wisdom, their law order, their way of living, the way they dress up, bringing methods, different life perspectives and views of the world and local environment in the community, (in every villages area it is recommended to wear trouser below knee length and T-shirt to cover shoulders. Applies to both men and women, especially when we will visit some villages, local community please do not wear shorts, sleeveless shirts, shirts showing cleavage, and skirts above the knee, also mind that looser clothes help fight the heat, compared to tight clothes), you will be free to wear those, or swim in bikini or shorts in the river when we are doing a trip in the jungle

Things good to know during Orangutan trekking

  • Wildlife viewing and safety information During visiting GunungLeuser National Park
  • Wild orangutan spendmost of their time high in the forest canopy and rarely come into contact with humans, but ex-captive orangutans in Bukit Lawang frequently walk on the ground and often come into close contact with humans
  • Their behavior and the behavior of human visitors is making them sick
    1. Orangutans are genetically very close to humans ( 97%) and catch many of our diseases
    2. Measles, TB, pneumonia, and influenza are spread when you cough, sneeze or even spit. Shigella, hepatitis A, herpes, scabies, and worms, are carried in human is feces.


  • Orangutans may look like they are OK around humans but it is not normal for them to be so close
  • This change in natural behaviors can lead Orangutan to get a very high level of stress
  • STRESS CAN LEAD THEM TO heart failure, poor reproductive health, high infant mortality, depressed immune system
  • And ultimately may result in PREMATURE DEATH!
  • Follow the rules! tell your guide you wish to follow them and tell your fellow trekkers :

DO NOT get close than 15 meter




  • Nature needs your photos and stories but nature also needs you to be responsible. Please ONLY take or post photos in social media which is show you at a safe distance from wildlife #selfieaware


  • Please bring adventure equipment since you will survive in the Sumatra rainforest such as
  • Trekking shoes it will be muddy and wet
  • Small backpack (we can leave some stuff at the previous place we stayed in (hotel/hostel)
  • Long trousers, long sleeves, t-shirt, fresh underwear (there will be sweating going on)
  • Rain clothes 
  • We recommend bringing a dry bag/pocket (waterproof) to protect your camera and any other important documents and equipment you need to take care of
  •  Sleeping bag, a mosquito repellent, high protection sunscreen, a headlamp, toilet paper, a sun hat/cap, sunglasses, water bottle, flip flop
  • First aid such as paracetamol, pain killers, anti-diarrhea, disinfectant, all other medication you would usually take

Do not overpack! Keep it simple


We strongly recommended that you will have to take your responsibility for your travel insurance during the trip with us, or as soon as you book this tour. And do not forget to bring all those important documents and information with you.

Please inform yourself about getting vaccinated before traveling to Indonesia.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: You already found all necessary info, what to bring and carry, dos and do nots, however, there are other details and questions I have for you: - do you have any allergies? - do you have any dietary restrictions? - do you have any health issues (diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, heart disease, etc)? THANK YOU AND I LOOK FORWARD TO HOSTING YOU !

What is might be included and not included in the price

What is might include :

  • All transport and transfers by private vehicle with driver (car, minibus ) during the trip
  • All accomodation in Bukit Lawang ( eco  house bungalow, basic local comfort  and breakfast included)
  • Orangutan trekking tour
    inclusive : Food : rice, fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs,  drink, coffee, tea, fruits, snacks
    accom : Jungle hut
  • Accomodation 2 nights in Samosir, Toba lake ( 3 times meals per day )
  • Entrance fees (museums and sites).
  • English speaking guide  ( French & Spanish  Speaking guide available )

What is might not include:

  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Alcohol drinks outside the meals
  • Medication
  • Personal expenses : souvenir, etc


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