Mentawai Tribe

An authentic experience in Sumatra Immersion with the Mentawai Tribe in their native rainforest is a place that will spoil you with the beauty of nature, uniqueness of culture, and the way of life. Cultural Immersion is a great way to celebrate the people and traditions that make every place special and unique.Immersion with Mentawai tribe in Siberut jungle,Sumatra is an authentic immersive-experience

That can open doors to a deeper understanding sharing a culture and way of preserving it. By experiencing Mentawai local life in their native forest, share daily life, take delve to local culture and knowledge about forest and learn great life-experience in their jungle will give you skills that you can take home and share with others about uniqueness of mentawai culture in your unforgettable memories travel of lifetime.

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Mentawai Tribe

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Mentawai is not just an island

Stay and meet the Mentawai tribe in the jungle

Stay and meet the Mentawai tribe in the jungle, will give you the impression and experience the unique culture among those people who always kept their ancient culture and never left their native forest.

Ti’tii the Mentawai ancient tatto

Ti’tii the Mentawai ancient tatto, Spirit tattoo of the Mentawai shaman Mentawai tattoos was one the oldest tattoo in the world, the mentawaian has that believed it allows them to bring their material wealth into the afterlife, Mentawaian also believed their tattoo allow their ancestor to recognized them in afterlife.

The spirit of “Sikerei”

The spirit of “Sikerei” ( the Mentawai flower man ), the philosophy that has they kept maintained since centuries ago was made the Mentawai really respect with their native forest.

Beautiful island and beaches

Beautiful island and beaches, the Mentawai islands is that a place will spoil you with untouchable beaches for relaxing yourself and also such not a touristc beach.

Mentawai Tribe

Since 2014 our team ( local experts ) have committed to preserving local environtment by helping responsible travelers discover ecotourism in Sumatra, we work with local communities and our tours are focused on authentic sustainable, small-group jungle trekking and cultural immersion in the rainforest and surrounding villages.Check also our other destination if you looking deep to delve local sumatra

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