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An authentic immersive travel experience in Mentawai Islands

Ethical immersion stay living with the Mentawai tribe on the edge of a beautiful jungle Mentawai


For a decade we have consistently provided the most authentic immersive experience in an ethical way to encounter the Mentawai Tribe on Siberut Island. Join us on this incredible cultural immersion journey full of adventure in the heart of the Mentawai tribe, taken off the beaten track will bring you to a real-world experience where you'll learn what it means to be truly free and have your own time and space. Living alongside the Mentawai tribe and getting up close with The Mentawai Shaman means you’ll off-grid learn how they live and see how they make a living, and learn the art of simplicity and self-sustainable from their practices in every aspect of the Mentawai lifestyle is harmoniously intertwined with the surrounding environment.

How Does This Experience Work?

1. An Ethical Immersion stay living with the Mentawai Tribe community & family in the remote jungle Siberut.

  • • This immersion trip to the Mentawai tribe offers more than just an adventure—it's a transformative journey that will challenge your perceptions, ignite your spirit of exploration, and leave an indelible mark on your soul. So don't just be mere a tourist owho cares about pictures, show your interest in them and their culture.
  • • Prioritizes responsible and sustainable practices while immersing with the Mentawai community
  • • Practicing eco-friendly behaviors such as conserving resources, reducing waste, and respecting ecosystems. We collaborate closely with local communities, engaging in mutually beneficial partnerships that empower the locals and contribute to their socio-economic development.
  • • Travel in small groups of travelers also possibly a solo trip

2. An immersive travel experience for travelers who value and appreciate cultural differences, a way of living with local people, where trips are full of adventures in the jungle, remote villages, and off-the-beaten tracks which is normal travelers wouldn’t do.

3. Living in harmony with the Mentawai tribe, you'll discover the ancient wisdom that has sustained their way of life for centuries. You'll find yourself fully immersed in their daily routines, gaining a profound appreciation for their ingenuity and resourcefulness.

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We are providing an extensive range of tour options that cover different budgets, interests, and requirements - all with affordable prices and transparency with a service that is both trusted and authentic and in ethical way. No matter what your interests are, we have a package tailored to them from immersion trips, trekking, surfing, photography, and more.

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Visit the most interesting and off the beaten track locations ! Have a unique cultural adventure at local communities and take part in their everyday life. Profit the freedom of being in a totally private.


We specialize in private adventure for independent travelers interested in authentic experiences. You may modify any of our packages to better fit you. Our goal is to provide the experience that best suits your interests and desires.


Our knowledge of the history and culture of Sumatra is unbeatable with a vast range of connection throughout Sumatra and over the years we have built strong relations with local experts and partners all around the Sumatra area.


Working directly with the local communities to boost local economies and help us preserve local communities and the environment.

  As one of the popular destination in Indonesia, Sumatra has many things to offer since 2015 our local experts' team has committed to preserving the local environment by sharing the culture and traditions to the responsible travellers, we work with local communities in purpose to boost local economies by making sure our experience is focused on future sustainability "small-group" our cultural immersion trips it helps you to discover our societal values in different life perspective, bring you more ideas to see about the way of life in the immense cultural diversity, with its uniqueness that put your own life to creates more compassionate individuals.
We also offer other things to do for culture, nature, and wilderness adventure enthusiast surrounding
by authentic traditional villages and tropical beaches with lustful vegetation
Please check our other destination if you are looking deep-dive culturally travel experience in Sumatra

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