Cover Sumatra Cover Sumatra
Cover Sumatra Cover Sumatra

  Making a documentary is one of the most rewarding, fascinating, and also challenging endeavors you can be involved in Mentawai especially since all things go online supporting by modern high technology today, as one of the most experienced local experts in Siberut, Mentawai with our solid team provides solutions as expert team support for filmmakers, YouTubers, or various other documentary projects who interested with any documentary project about Mentawai nature and their unique culture, armed with high experience and the excellent reputation we handled various events to Tv shows programs from various groups to independent filmmakers, many of filmmakers are very interested in the concept of culture and nature in the Mentawai, such as examples of the uniqueness of life of the Mentawai flower men, traditional ceremonies, to hunting and survival in the forest that they bringing up and turn into such amazing documentary movie on the purpose to preserve the culture and save the nature from extinction.
  If you have any interest in bringing up all your ideas to make a documentary in Mentawai especially about their uniqueness way life, whether you're at the beginning of your journey looking for documentary ideas, or you're in the middle of production seeking for authentic culture, with some jungle surviving concept, or even you just trying to figure out to write an idea making the documentary, with our commitment and highly dedicated to preserving the culture and nature we would happy to support your ideas to make it real.

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