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Trip Type Private guided tours
Physical Level Moderate
Group Size 1 up to 10 people
Charateristic Photography, Cultural Immersion Human Interest
Destination Siberut, Mentawai island
Comfort 2 / 5
Total Duration 5 Day
Price 605 euro : Solo trip
420 euro / pax : 2 – 3 people
325 euro / pax : 4 – 6 people
260 euro / pax : 7 – 10 people

NOTE* The price depends on the number of people in the group, duration of the day, season plus access to the remote village, and the circuits / jungle area we will visit, way further/remote means more adventurous and logistically challenging.
For a private trip in solo, couple, or in a group/family when more than 10 people please contact us to receive a quote.

Trip Summary

  MENTAWAI ! A travel photography experience in the land of Mentawai flower men Siberut you won’t miss it. A program with one of the oldest tribe in Indonesia that still preserve their ancient culture in a unique way of life, encounter the Mentawai flower who live traditionally in the heart of jungle Siberut.
Mentawai photography tour designed for photographers to experience immersion with native Mentawai people in their authentic environment to explore a location and blend into the local scene, without tour buses or large groups. Improve your skills as a visual storyteller in locations unlike any other, set loose your creative side on a photography workshop tour to the stunning local tribe, and shoot amazing photographs. We are the only photography tour that gives you full freedom and adapting to your budget and needs, we travel in minuscule groups from two up to ten participants only. With the richness of culture, amazing and photogenic people we invite you to discover the unique of Mentawai tribe culture.

Photography interest

• Journey to encounter the Mentawai flower men in isolated area / remote village

• Photography trip to any nature enthusiast, human interest

• Photography in rainforest and photogenic Mentawai tribe

• Private group from 2 up to 10 people max

Practical Information

  1. Terms & conditions

    • You have to accept living in the same conditions as the local community in the remote village, sleeping in a very rudimentary comfort style on the floor with mat (floor mat) with mosquito net this applies nights in the Mentawai jungle.

    • Given the conditions of poverty and isolated areas, families that accept us to live and spend time with them, conditions of comfort and cleanliness are more than basic but far from being guaranteed for "western standards". In this case, it's very important and necessary to be able to tolerate this short inconvenience, to be able to enjoy your full stay and overall experience.

    • Because Mentawai traditional communities live in remote areas in the jungle forest, access to these communities isn't simple and easy, so the conditions of a trek include quite a lot of muddy terrain, can be slippery and uneven ground (sometimes you have to walk on the log on the muddy ground that Mentawai make and use it as a bridge to access further route).

    • Please bear in mind there is no electricity in the Mentawai jungle, charge your camera and phone and, bring an extra battery. No running water in the Mentawai jungle river is the option.

    • Since the Sumatra area is covered with rainforest and located right on the equator, it has a tropical climate, the weather is hot and humid all year round. The driest season normally starts from May to September, although there are sporadic rains and may occur during this period. Rains are abundant between November and January. The average temperature is 30 °C degree in Siberut island. Be ready for hot, humid, and hasty conditions.

    • Respect the culture of every local community, for example, local wisdom, their law order, their way of living, the way they dress (especially Mentawai) their upbringing methods, different life perspectives and, views of the world and local environment in the community.

  2. Things to carry

    • Small backpack (we can leave some stuff at the previous place we stayed in (hotel/hostel)
    • Long trousers, long sleeves, t-shirt, fresh underwear (there will be sweating going on)
    • Rain clothes (forget about umbrella)
    • We recommend bringing a dry bag/pocket (waterproof) to protect your camera & equipment and any other important you need to take care of
    • Trekking shoes, sleeping bag, a mosquito repellent, high protection sunscreen, a headlamp, toilet paper, a sun hat/cap, sunglasses, water bottle
    • First aid such as paracetamol, pain killers, anti-diarrhea, disinfectant, all other medication you would usually take
    • Do not overpack! Keep it simple

  3. Food

      All meals ( except breakfast before we start our trip ) will be provided in the local house / Mentawai house, the food such as rice, eggs, chicken, vegetables and, fruits, and you will enjoy local Mentawai food as they do. Drink water we will carry fresh mineral water ( gallon), and we will use boil water from the river too.

  4. Sleeping arrangements

       For sleeping arrangements in the Mentawai traditional longhouse, we will sleep on the floor (with Mattress) and mosquito net, for your comfortability it is recommended to bring your sleeping bag, mat, or air bed.

  5. Transportation

       During our trip we will use 2 times ( Fast Ferry ), 2-time local transport such as Motor taxi, Tuk-tuk or Pick up truck and Motor Canoa.

    Whats might ie included and not included in the price

    What’s include :

    • Airport transportation to your hotel choice ( private car,van, mini bus )
    • Ferry ticket padang – Siberut 2x
    • All transportation in Siberut from the port to the transit village 2x
    • Entrace fee and site
    • Motor canoe from transit village to the trek point 2x
    • Logistics ( all meals, drink : Mineral water, coffee, tea fruits during the trip )
    • Porter
    • Accomodation in Mentawai traditional house
    • Present to Mentawai clan that we will stay
    • Mosquito net, mattrass
    • Local guide

    What’s not include :

    • Flights
    • Insurance
    • Medication
    • Personal expenses : souvenirs, alcoholic drink etc
    • Accomodation in Padang city ( recomendation place to stay : Ox ville Hotel, Budget hotel by harbour, Deivan hotel “included breakfast” . Riverside hostel, Yani homestay “non –breakfast” )
    • Airport transportation to your hotel choice ( private car,van, mini bus )

  6. Insurance

       We strongly recommended that you will have to take your responsibility for your travel insurance during a trip with us, or as soon as you book this tour. And do not forget to bring all those important documents and information with you.
    Please inform yourself about getting vaccinated before traveling to Indonesia.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: You already found all necessary info, what to bring and carry, dos and don'ts, however, there are other details and questions I have for you: - do you have any allergies? - do you have any dietary restrictions? - do you have any health issues (diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, heart disease, etc)? THANK YOU AND I LOOK FORWARD TO HOSTING YOU!

I am in love with this experience!
Are you interested in discovering the Mentawai tribe leave us a message to request details information and we will contact you as soon as possible to organize this amazing experience for you