Cover Sumatra Cover Sumatra
Cover Sumatra Cover Sumatra


Trip Type Private guided tours
Group Size 1 -8 people
Physical Level Moderate
Charateristic Escape holiday, Immersion, Adventure
Destination West Sumatra, Maninjau, Harau valley and Siberut, Mentawai island
Total Duration 15 Day
Price Solo trip : 1148 euro
2 up to 3 people : 735 euro / pax
4 up to 6 people : 510 euro / pax
7 up to 8 people : 440 euro / pax


  1. Highlights

    • Get immersed the world’s largest matriarchy society

    • Learning about Minangkabau culture, traditions, architecture perspective, how a woman as a pillar in the family as inheritance holder (not the other way around)

    • Join and participate with local activities

    • Trekking in the Sumatra rainforest, ricefields and observe wildlife (Sumatra’s gibbons)

    • Encounter with the Mentawai flower men, learning about their unique culture, the way of life and old tattoo in the world

    • Be inspired and get immersed with locals

    • Relaxing at tranquil beaches of Padang, surrounding wildlife nature all around as one of the famous destination in Sumatra.

  2. What is the trip about
    Authentic Immersive experience with two most popular ancient culture in Sumatra, Immersion with world’s largest Matriarchy community and having amazing life- experience with the Mentawai tribe in their native forest and relaxing for the rest of the adventure at tranquil beaches with adorable bungalow

    More than just a vacation, these Creatively-designed journeys embrace the customs and culture of vibrant communities located in most compelling and isolated regions. Your perfect holiday getaway in Sumatra immersion with Minangkabau communities and the Mentawai tribe in their native forest that will gain life-altering experience by immersing ourselves in new cultures, understanding of different people, better connected to the lives they live and we learn valuable skills that we can take back home. These great cultural immersion trips will provide you with plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with locals and learn culture and tradition directly from those that practice it. At the end our immersion cultural trip you gonna need vitamin SEA, refresh yourself after our adventure having some time to relax at our tranquil beach located in South Padang with some activities snorkeling, swimming, or even just sunbathing

    Travel theme Escape, Culture, Adventure & Nature
    Adventure route Padang city – Minangkabau land, Maninjau – Harau Valley – Siberut, Mentawai Island – Padang’s islands
    Group Size 1 – 8 people
    Guaranteed departure from 1 registered, whether you register alone or with other travelers, yourgroup is formed as when registration are made
    Itinerary Focus Local Living, Escape, Adventure and beaches
    The Itinerary sometimes it will stretch your comfort zone. They don't always feature tourist highlights, but dive deeper into local life and culture for an educational experiences in your travel

Trip Summary

Day 1 - 2 Depart from Padang city and stay in Maninjau traditionalvillage with inhabitant and local activities.

These great experience will start from Padang city transfer to Maninjau village, on the way to Maninjau we will have a brief stop to enjoy the Malalak rainforest views and visiting the local-home industry of Cinnamon, in regards Sumatra one of the biggest Cinnamon productions in the world. During our stay in Maninjau traditional village we will get fully immersed with the local environment by joining activities with the local community in a rice field, plantation, all the activity that we will do is related to their natural environment, for example, planting rice in a rice field, harvesting, activity in plantation (spices), and also we will have a chance learning to make one of the top 50 dishes in the world * the famous traditional Minangkabau dish (Rendang cooking class) *according to CNN in a local way. Our host family will open to talk and introduce how life in the biggest Matrilineal society in the world.

Day 3 - 4 Remote Minang’s village and local activities with inhabitant

Farewell with our host in Maninjau village and transfer to Harau valley to meet another friendly Minang’s family, on the way to go we will have some brief stop to see sugar cane processing in Lawang village. Arrival in Harau valley village meet your host family, free program, and enjoy the moment, at noon participate in daily activity with our host family in their rice field. Our stay in Harau valley will also be combining with some adventure activity by exploring Harau jungle and 1000 caves to observe wildlife Sumatra’s gibbons, these experience will allow you to learn Minangkabau’s traditional instrument.

Day 5 Harau valley – Minangkabau king’s palace and back to Padang

Leaving Harau village and farewell with our host family, heading off to visit Minangkabau king’s palace, at the Minangkabau king’s palace you will get a better understanding of Minang culture, the architecture of the traditional house, carving pattern, and etc. Arrival in Padang city transfer to our hotel, the diner will provided at local Minang restaurant and get prepare for our next trip to encounter the Mentawai tribe.

Day 6 Padang – Siberut island- Mentawai clan house

Our journey will start from Muara port, Padang City by fast ferry and Transit in Sikabaluan ( north part of Sibeurt ) 1 hours then Lunch will provide in local restaurant. Arrival in muara Siberut, transit in govermnet village take some rest and coffe break, and continue to jungle by traditional motor canoe ( crossing scenic jungle river), when the moment we reach trek point, we will trekking to Mentawai clan house and meet the Mentawai shaman and family. Evening and dinner with the Mentawai family.

Day 7 – 8 – 9 -10 stay with mentawai clan in the jungle, explore remote village,experiencing local life mentawai

Experience living traditionally with The Mentawai tribe to discover the uniqueness of Mentawai culture and the way of life by engaging in their daily life. During our stay with them, we will have many chances to learn about their way life that remained still primitive and far from tumultuous modern society today. Living with Mentawai tribe in their natural environment just an amazing vibes for the travellers who want to learn about the culture and close with nature. By engaging with their daily life, this experience will give you a different perspective to see life to enhance your experience during your travel. The activity that we do such as, learning how to process traditional clothes, food and poison that they usually use to hunt the animals. In all aspect, you can ask deep their perspectives about nature, the way of life, and how the relationship between human and environment according to their ancient beliefs.

Day 11 Leaving remote village - Siberut port and comeback to Padang

After Breakfast, get prepared and farewell with our host family. We will have little trek back to the government village, the moto canoe will pick up from the river bank and riding down to the government village, on arrival at the town have a short break and clean your stuff at the local house. Our lunch will provide at the local restaurant before our departing time back to Padang city. We will be leaving Siberut at 03:00 pm by fast ferry, arrival in Padang transfer to our hotel and having a dinner

Day 12 leaving Padang city head off to island and beaches in southern Padang

Leaving padang city to Bungus bay Padang, arrival at Bungus bay transfer to our ecolodge by boat. Arrival at our ecolodge enjoy the moment, sea, beach, nature all around and relax ( 3 meals will provided at the ecolodge and free coffe, tea and mineral water)

Day 13 Island hopping – visiting local village fisherman or waterfalls trekking

On this day you have a chance to choose the activity that we offer, such as waterfalls trekking through village and ricefield, excursion visiting adorable fisherman village to experience how the local fisherman activities and walking tour around the village. After some hours visiting the village, we will have an island hopping and lunch will provide on the island & coffee, tea mineral water, and fruits.

Day 14 relaxing and enjoy the beaches

This day is a free day from any activity, you will have all day free just to relax and enjoy the beaches.

Day 15 leaving the island back to Padang or straight to the airport (it depends on your flight schedule)

Leaving our ecolodge and back to Padang, or you could travel straight to Padang’s airport ( it all depens on your flight schedule), instead of back to Padang city. Tour End

Adventure Route

Cover Sumatra

Practical Information

  1. Terms and Conditions

    • You have to accept living in the same conditions as the local community (Minangkabau and Mentawai) in the remote villages, sleeping in a very rudimentary comfort style, this applies to 2 night in Maninjau and 2 nights in Harau Valley and given the conditions of poverty and isolated areas, families that accept us to live and spend time with them, the conditions of comfort and cleanliness are more than basic but far from being guaranteed for "Western standards". In this case, it's very important and necessary to be able to tolerate this short inconvenience, to be able to enjoy your full stay and experience.

    • Concerning about the toilets and possibilities of washing: Indeed in the *local* conditions, which vary from family to family. For toilets, it goes from the "typical Indonesian" toilet. in some houses ( especiallly in Mentawai community ) to the "little corner" in nature. For washing an isolated space is always provided, and we have possibilities to washing in yhe small river in the jungle ( without soap, shampo, or any checmical product on the water , you can take it out aside the river )

    • The conditions in this trip, which these stays are carried out sometimes felt as “pain” and to be required for each participant to have:

     - Good mental preparation,
     - Great adaptability.
     - To be well informed before departure about the culture and ways of life in Sumatra and the jungle. ( the guide will give some little briefing and explain about this before we will start our trip)

    • Since the Sumatra area is covered with rainforest and located right on the equator, it has a tropical climate, the weather is hot and humid all year round. The driest season normally starts from May to September, although there are sporadic rains and may occur during this period. Rains are abundant between November and January. The average temperature is 30 °C degree in Siberut island. Be ready for hot, humid, and hasty conditions.

    • To respect the culture of every local community, for example, local wisdom, their law order, their way of living, the way they dress up, bringing methods, different life perspectives and views of the world and local environment in the community, (for two villages in Minangkabau trip it is recommended to wear trouser below knee length and T-shirt to cover shoulders. Applies to both men and women. During the Minang tour please do not wear shorts, sleeveless shirts, shirts showing cleavage, and skirts above the knee. Also mind that looser clothes help fight the heat, compared to tight clothes.

    • Because Mentawai traditional communities live in remote areas in the jungle forest, access to these communities isn't simple and easy, so the conditions of a trek include quite a lot of muddy terrain, can be slippery and uneven ground (sometimes you have to walk on the log on the muddy ground that Mentawai make and use it as a bridge to access further route).

    • Please bear in mind there is no electricity in the Mentawai jungle, charge your camera and phone, and bring an extra battery. No running water in the Mentawai jungle river is the option.

    • Respect the culture of every local community, for example, local wisdom, their law order, their way of living, the way they dress (especially Mentawai) their upbringing methods, different life perspectives, and views of the world and local environment in the community.

  2. Our Commitment

    • Promoting good practice to spread the idea of responsible for traveling

    • Working with expert local guides and partners to achieve sustainable goals and practices

    • Bringing benefit to local communities when it comes to boost their economic and social standard, teaching them about the tourism industry, as well as helping local children with ongoing education

    • Preserving culture and nature through eco-tourisme responsible travel

  3. Things to carry

    • Small backpack (we can leave some stuff at the previous place we stayed in (hotel/hostel)

    • Long trousers, long sleeves, t-shirt, fresh underwear (there will be sweating going on)

    • Rain clothes (forget about umbrella)

    • We recommend bringing a dry bag/pocket (waterproof) to protect your camera and any other important documents and equipment you need to take care of

    • Trekking shoes, sleeping bag, a mosquito repellent, high protection sunscreen, a headlamp, toilet paper, a sun hat/cap, sunglasses, water bottle

    • First aid such as paracetamol, pain killers, anti-diarrhea, disinfectant, all other medication you would usually take

    • Do not overpack! Keep it simple


  1. Food

    During our trip to Minangkabau land, all meals will be provided by local people/host family with all authentic and typical Minangkabau dishes also known as Padang food, such as curry, rice, chicken, beef, fish coconut milk and full of spices, vegetables, and typical tropical fruits will be provided as well. ( Vegetarian and Vegan option is available )
    Mentawai tribe: All meals ( except for breakfast before our trip get started ) will be provided in the local house / Mentawai house, the food such as rice, eggs, chicken, vegetables, and fruits, and you will have a chance to enjoy local Mentawai food as they do. Drink water we will carry fresh mineral water ( gallon), and we will use boil water from the river.

  2. What is included and not included on the price

    What’s include :

    • All transport and transfers by private vehicle (car, minibus and ferry to Mentawai) during the trip

    • 3 Nights accomodation in Padang City ( eco – house bungalow, “basic local comfort ” and breakfast included)

    • 3 Nights accomodation in the Island ( eco – house bungalow, “basic local comfort ” 3 times meals included )

    • Accomodation in local community ( our host family ) Mentawai tribe and Minangkabau

    • Transport from / to the Port of Padang (crossing by ferry "Mentawai Fast", motorbike taxi and canoe on Siberut).

    • Motor canoa in Mentawai jungle

    • All meals, drinks during the trip in the jungle

    • Entrance fees (museums and sites).

    • Local English speaking guide ( French – Speaking guide available )

    What’s not include :

    • Flights

    • Insurance

    • Medication

    • Personal expenses : souvenirs, alcoholic drinks and etc

  3. Sleeping Arrangements

    For sleeping arrangements in a traditional longhouse, we will sleep on the floor ( with Mattress ) and mosquito net, this applies in Mentawai for your comfortability it is recommended to bring your sleeping bag, mat or air bed.

  4. Transportation

    During our Minangkabau trip, we will use a minivan up to 5 people, but if the participant more than 5 we will use a tourist bus up to 12. For the Mentawai trip, we will use 2 times ( Fast Ferry ), 2 times local transport such as Motor taxi, Tuk-tuk or Pick up truck and Motor Canoa.

  5. Insurance

    We strongly recommended that you will have to take your responsibility for your travel insurance during the trip with us, or as soon as you book this tour. And do not forget to bring all those important documents and information with you.
    Please inform yourself about getting vaccinated before traveling to Indonesia.
    LAST BUT NOT LEAST: You already found all necessary info, what to bring and carry, dos and don'ts, however, there are other details and questions I have for you: - do you have any allergies? - do you have any dietary restrictions? - do you have any health issues (diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, heart disease, etc)?

I am in love with this experience!
Are you interested in discovering the Mentawai tribe leave us a message to request details information and we will contact you as soon as possible to organize this amazing experience for you