12– Day Combination living with the Mentawai Tribe and Mentawai Surf
( Beginner – Intermediate )

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What is this trip about ?

Experience the best of two worlds with our exhilarating 12-day combination trip that offers an unforgettable blend of living with the Mentawai tribe and experience riding the epic Mentawai wave

Immerse yourself in the enchanting Mentawai Tribe culture, where these people still practice their traditional way of living and adventure trip offers you a real immersive experience living with the Mentawai tribe in the jungle of Siberut, but the adventure does not stop there you'll discover the best surf spots and experience the thrill of carving through these pristine waves. Whether you're a seasoned surfer seeking new challenges or a beginner eager to learn, the Mentawai Surf offers an unrivaled experience that will leave you exhilarated and craving for more.

Experience highlights

Trip type :  Private & Small group
Adventure route :  Siberut, Mentawai West Sumatra
Charateristic :  Cultural Immersion & Surf
Comfort :  2 / 5
Total Duration : 12 Days
Price :  $$$  please send us inquiry !

Strong Point of the Experience

  • Immersion and living in the jungle with the native Mentawai tribe

  • Learning about Mentawai culture, knowledge about nature, traditions, beliefs, and the way of life with the Mentawai flower men.

  • Experience Mentawai Surf

Trip Summary

Day 1 Padang – Siberut

  • 06:00 a.m we will pick you up in the hotel Padang, and departing to Siberut island with the Fast Ferry Arrive in North Siberut ( Pokkai ) and transit for 1 h ( loading on/off goods and passager, during this layover we wil have lunch at the local restaurant
  • 12:00 p.m : Continue to South Siberut with the same ferry, and Arrival in South Siberut ( our destination ) proceed travel straight to a government settle village by Mini van or pick up truck.
  • Arrive at the government settlement village, loading our stuff and logistic and take the motor canoe upriver to Rereiket Jungle area ( about 1,5 up to 2 hours canoe )
  • Arrival on our trek point and trekking to the Mentawai tribe family ( 3,5 km) from the bank river
  • Arrive in Mentawai traditional house and meet and greet with the Mentawai family

Day 2 until 3 Immersing & Staying with the Mentawai tribe family

  • During these days we will explore the jungle area, and experience a jungle life of the Mentawai people.
  • Join or participate with the family for food preparation, gathering and any other activities on our presence
  • During our stay we will experience living traditionally like the Mentawai community
  • During our stay with the family, you can ask them anything you would like to know about their way of living, culture, and traditions that they open want to talk it and answer your question
  • Note: This experience will stretch your comfort zone, it does not always feature the itinerary or there is no fix itinerary in this trip, but deep dive deeper into local life and culture. sometimes if we are lucky we can attend/witness some Shamanic rituals ( we will keep updated the information about rituals)

Day 4 Leaving the jungle area transfer to our Surf resort

  • 08:00 a.m Leaving the jungle area and the motor canoe will ride us back to our transit village
  • Arrival in our Transit village, transfer to Siberut Town and procced lunch
  • After lunch transfer to our Surf Resort by boat ( 1,5 hours )
  • Arrival at our Surf resort, check In and enjoy the moment
  • Dinner and evening

Day 5 – 11 Experience Mentawai Surf “Playground / Wavepark” area ( Fun Waves )

  • Riding fun wave Mentawais for beginner and intermediate surfer
  • We will stay our the accommodation located near the Playground area
  • Experience fun waves Mentawai islands for beginner and intermediate surfer
  • Enjoy crystal clear ocean with some activities snorkeling, swimming, fishing or even just relaxing and chill

Day 12 Siberut and back Padang

  • After breakfast
  • Transfer with the boat to Mailepet harbour
  • Lunch will be provided in the local restaurant at the harbor
  • 14:40 leaving Siberut to Padang city
  • 18:30 arrival in Padang city
  • Tour End

The Public ferry schedule from Padang City – Siberut, Mentawai

The Public ferry from Padang to Siberut only operates 3 times a week in every Tuesday – Thursday and Saturday departing time from Padang at 07:00 a.m and leaving from Siberut to Padang at 14:45.

Practical Information and Terms & Conditions

  • You have to accept living in the same conditions as the local community in the remote village, sleeping in a very rudimentary comfort style on the floor with a mat (floor mat) with mosquito net this applies nights in the Mentawai jungle.
  • Given the conditions of poverty and isolated areas, families that accept us to live and spend time with them, conditions of comfort and cleanliness are more than basic but far from being guaranteed for "western standards". In this case, it's very important and necessary to be able to tolerate this short inconvenience, to be able to enjoy your full stay and overall experience.
  • Because Mentawai traditional communities live in remote areas in the jungle forest, access to these communities isn't simple and easy, so the conditions of a trek include quite a lot of muddy terrain, can be slippery and uneven ground (sometimes you have to walk on the log on the muddy ground that Mentawai make and use it as a bridge to access further route).
  • Please bear in mind there is no electricity in the Mentawai jungle, charge your camera and phone, and bring an extra battery.
  • The conditions in this trip, during which these stays are carried out sometimes felt like “pain” and to be required for each participant to have:
    1. Good mental preparation
    2. Great adaptability
    3. To be well informed before departure about the culture and ways of life in Mentawai and the jungle. ( the guide will give a little briefing and explain about this before we will start our trip
  • Because the Sumatra area is covered with rainforest and located right on the equator, it has a tropical climate, the weather is hot and humid all year round. The driest season normally starts from May to early September, although there are sporadic rains that may occur during this period. Rains are abundant between November and January. The average temperature is 27 - 33 °C degree in Siberut Island. Be ready for hot, humid, and hasty conditions.

Good things to know during our immersion stay

  • Be mentally prepared to rough it out, as many tribes do not have the basic comforts of what Western standards used to.
  • Give yourself and themselves time to connect with each other during our stay
  • Be your true self while visiting, show your interest in them, and learn from them.
  • Be present throughout the experience, they expect you to enjoy your time with them.
  • Please avoid wearing expensive stuff or accessories like watches, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, so as not to attract the attention of the tribe, they may be tempting and ask you to give to them, so this could be counterproductive and may even harm your relationships with the community.
  • Ask for their permission before taking pictures

Consider spending a few days living with them for an authentic experience.

  • DO NOT assume the tribes understand your lifestyle
  • DO NOT inflict your lifestyle and comforts on them
  • DO NOT Try to make them fit into the outside society (avoid influencing them to any perspective, ideology and other daily comforts that are essential to us)
  • DO NOT be judgemental, every tribe has its own customs, so be a good observer

The Resort

A beautiful private boutique resort that hosts up to 8 guests in a 3 storey house with 4 private bedrooms. It is mix of traditional Mentawai and Modern style, with all the Tropical luxuries, including Air conditioning, TV with Hard drive of movies, WIFI, Western Style indoor bathroom with hot showers and Western toilet.
The room are modern design, with comfy large beds, A/C and fans and lots of ocean breeze. They can be configured into huge king beds or two separate king singles, depending on your requirement. Those who staying in our loft room will also enjoy stunning ocean views from their bed.
We have a large open air dining area, chill out spots and hammock area for relaxing after a day out on the water. We also have loads of activities to do in your down time, so you will never run out of things to do.

Pack Your Bags

  • Surfboard two or more in case you would snap your board, or want different option depending on surf condition
  • Leashes, wax ( tropical ) extra fins and fin key
  • Waterproof sun protection, zinc , suncream, rash vest and surf hat
  • Swimwear/surfwear
  • Reef boots
  • Good first aid kid
  • Ding repair kit

Your Stay

  • Mosquito repellent, long sleves, shirt and pants
  • Malaria tablets ( consult with your doctor )
  • Camera, charger, cables & electricity adaptor
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Waterproof bag
  • Rain jacket
  • Sunglasses & Flip Flop
  • Surf Towel