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    The most gorgeous island in Sabang ( Pulau Weh ) offers you clear sea water, beautiful beaches and fascinating underwater world, life is just more relaxed, more peacefull everything just more slow-paced, your trip isn’t gonna complete without experience going snorkeling and diving the underwater world in Pulau Weh just completely stunning with active marine life and the best part is that the sites are not overcrowded with tourists so you just can snorkel in peace.
    Weh island ( Pulau Weh ) is a small active volcanic island, the island is known for ecosystem ( has declared 60 square kilometers) of inland and sea around the island as wildlife, coral reef areas around the island are known for their large variety of fishes. Life on Weh island is safer, more relaxed and you will spend more time admiring the Blue cristal ocean, beautiful underwater and nature, find your perfect holiday getaway in Pulau weh, Aceh we will listen to your ideas and use our travel expertise to explore, tailored your trip to make best experience holiday in Sumatra.