Cover Sumatra

    The national park of GUNUNG LEUSER in Sumatra is a home lot of unique plants and animals with many distinctive functions which helps Northen Sumatra maintain its ecosystems even nowadays, Here on the third-largest island of the archipelago the giant trees rising to the sky, exotic flowers, monkeys and apes running through of the trees and many other beautiful animals hiding behind the thick foliage.
    Traveling to Sumatra it can be your on your bucket list for an authentic immersive experience on your journey, especially when you are a kind of traveler who seeking for real cultural experiences and the wilderness of Indonesia and you want to travel in a different way to avoid the clichéd tourist. Trekking through dense jungle with multiple days trekking tour with overnight in hut/camping to spend more time to experience the wildlife of Orangutan in their natural habitat, endemic gibbons of Sumatra, and after roughly trekking in the jungle you will deserve peaceful for rest of the day in Samosir, Toba lake and experience the fascinating ancient Batak culture.